Casino Boom


St. George, Utah is one of the fastest growing retirement locations in the United States. Once alleged the “Dixie” of Utah because of a cotton-growing experiment, this southwestern Utah boondocks sits abreast Interstate Artery Fifteen (I-15) today. Because the area has appealed to the Baby Bang generation, both as a vacation atom and as a abode to retire, it has aswell become a mecca for their offspring, the Millennial Generation.

The Me Generation

The Baby Bang bearing has had it absolutely good. The bearing afore them beforehand America into the exceptional allocation of a air-conditioned ability afterwards getting on the acceptable ancillary of Apple War II. That bearing again went to work, creating an all-embracing billow of industry that reaped unparalleled banking gains. Their offspring, the Baby Boomers, were built-in into a time of plenty. Baby boomers, because of their arduous numbers, disrupted everything. They accumulated added wealth, above amusing lines, than any bearing of Americans afore them. Because they had the money to do it, they broadcast the art of the vacation, accepting time allotment condominiums during the airline biking boom, which complemented the accretion American Interstate artery system. With money, the agency to travel, and the admiration to see it all and accept it all, activity was acceptable and how could tomorrow be annihilation but better? Alas, the blow of the apple recovered from Apple War II. Now we accept competition, for everything, and the balloon of acceptable times has abandoned aback to area it was afore the abundant war. The American abridgement struggles to beforehand above 2% per year. The Baby Boomers feel like it is time to canyon the torch, time to retire able-bodied to achieve like St. George. Let the new bearing go to work. Welcome to the Millennials!

Go West Millennials!

Millennials, the bearing whose bearing year ranges from the aboriginal 1980s to the year 2000, accept borne a abundant a burden. They began to appear into the plan force during the time if the Tech Balloon burst. The affiance of the new millennium was abject by 9-11. Their bearing has gone to war, like the one afore the Baby Boomers did, except their war has lasted for added than thirteen years and its end is in doubt. There will not be a babyhood of beatitude advancing to them or an bread-and-butter upturn like the one that happened in the 1950s. Millions of them accept accelerating from academy in debt and they cannot acquisition work. Even the catastrophe of their abundant war works adjoin them because the aggressive jobs are dehydration up too. Defeated at a adolescent age, huge numbers of them accept had to acknowledgment home to reside with their parents while they scrape some affectionate of poor plan calm to pay their bills as they seek their American dream. It is out there somewhere. Wait a minute, it is out there. It is out west!

Time is a Millennial’s Wealth

The Millennials about-face to anniversary added for comfort, and because they are connected, if one of them abstracts something out, they acquaint the others about it. A growing amount of them accept ample out that their Baby Boomer parents accept these time allotment condos that are just sitting around, if they could be traded to get to a Millennial acquisition abode – like St. George, Utah! America is breathtakingly admirable in Utah. The red bedrock mountains in Zion and Bryce Canyon National Parks are there to be explored by adolescent hikers, bikers, climbers, campers, brilliant gazers, dreamers, and all of these things fit the Millennials to a tee! The arctic rim of the Grand Canyon is abreast St. George. So are a abode baiter on Lake Powell, the corrective desert, and casinos. If you are at atomic age twenty-one, you can get to a bank at Mesquite. Don’t bother with Vegas until it is time to fly home. The agrarian places of America accept fed the souls of every generation. It is the Millennial’s time to accept it, and by accepting it together, they can bandy ideas. It is like getting a affiliate of a tribe. Ever see “Dances with Wolves?” It’s air-conditioned to a affiliate of the tribe. Go west!